who we are
Forward is not a state of mind, but a way of being.

We are technology solution experts moving ahead to offer cutting-edge services and products. With ambition and openness, we are passionate about meeting the challenges posed by the latest frontiers of innovation. We rely on the technical expertise and conceptual skills acquired over time in Italy, where our story began and is still involved, in an ICT company focused in software design and development, telecommunication technologies and Big Data management. With the extensive experience we have gained so far, we want to add value beyond the assignment and across borders, in order to find the best solutions for our customers’ projects and desired outcomes.


We are firm believers that experience lays the foundation of innovation.

We provide customer-centric solutions to translate technology into business value. We produce according to various needs and demands , ensuring reliable and constant updates to our applications: that is how performance, integration and customization can go along with security and scalability.


We have experience in developing usable and secure mobile applications, running on devices or communicating with an enterprise system, for all types of mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry, Symbian).


We deliver business-driven and user-focused applications: our solutions include best practices with Java Enterprise, JBoss Seam Framework, Cluster Servers, Big Data Management with NoSQL Databases and much more.


We build system architectures that match any business goal or strategy, offering support in all areas of software development life cycle, from conceptualization, business analysis and prototyping to development and deployment.

We are proud to be official resellers of MORE, which means we can offer you a set of solutions for the telecommunication market, specifically designed to support the activities of mobile operators.
more Provision

OTA device configuration platform
giving instant and easy access to web,
MMS & e-mail services.

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Product management tool providing
reports and sheets based on a
complete database of devices.

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Cross-platform measuring tool to
compare the overall performance
of your devices.

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more Connect

Field testing tool to check
the actual quality of network
provided by carriers.

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work with us
We are always keen to meet very talented people, so if you are interested in joining our team do not hesitate to email us (job@forward.al)